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Revolutionising the F&B Industry in the UAE: Fougito Business Solutions for Restaurants

15 Apr 2024


The dynamic and competitive landscape of the United Arab Emirates has always been at the centre of attention, and at this rate, it will continue to do so as the world struggles to keep up. Almost every industry that strengthens the UAE, has its own set of unique challenges, especially the Food and Beverages (F&B). These challenges, when faced upfront, transform into opportunities for growth and success.

Introducing to you, Fougito Business Solutions, a technology that is tailored specifically for restaurants and other F&B joints in the UAE. Understanding the unique challenges that face restaurants in the competitive markets of UAE, Fougito presents a comprehensive set of tools that streamline all restaurant operations, drive their growth, and offer enhanced customer experiences.

In this article, we explore how our Fougito business solutions help to revolutionise the restaurant industry in this digital era:

Fougito Business Solutions: Driving Success for Restaurants

From advanced POS technology and cutting-edge restaurant solutions, Fougito is paving way for an advanced and sustainable future for F&B industry in the UAE, and here’s how:

Streamlined Operations with Fougito's POS Solution

There are a range of benefits included in our Fougito’s POS technology that surpass the traditional POS systems. Every aspect of restaurant operations including order management, inventory tracking, kitchen monitoring, etc. can be carried out with the help of Fougito POS solution.

No longer do restaurants have to deal with clunky and outdated hardware if they switch to Fougito’s POS technology which is designed to be modern, intuitive, and, best of all, user-friendly. We boast a sleek interface and customizable features on the Fougito platform to encourage restaurateurs to conveniently manage customers’ orders, process their payments, and keep an eye on their stock.

Another key advantage we offer with Fougito’s POS is its cloud based feature which means that real-time data can be accessed any time, from anywhere. So restaurant owners can monitor performance, track the sales trends, and make informed decisions on-the-go, without being present at the restaurant.

Also Fougito POS solution is seamlessly integrated with a variety of other applications such as delivery services (i.e. Fougito Delivery App), riders (Fougito Squad App), suppliers shop (Fougito Marketplace) and online ordering platform (Fougito Food App). These time-saving POS solutions make it easier for restaurants to keep an eye on their service provision.

All in all, our Fougito POS has been designed to streamline the workflow and operations of F&B industries in the UAE.

Eco-Friendly Features of Fougito Business Solutions

The fact that Fougito was able to combine POS solutions with sustainability to provide an efficient green POS technology in F&B operations is alone applaudable. And that is an eco-friendly choice for many restaurants that want to reduce their carbon footprint.

This green solution means that restaurants in the UAE can significantly reduce the use of paper and instead focus on creating digital menus, sharing e-voices, approving cashless payments, and computerised order management systems. This significantly saves money on printing costs!

Additionally, our green POS technology also helps to automate all restaurant processes, resulting in minimised errors and improved workflow management. Restaurant staff can then conveniently focus on delivering exceptional service to your customers. They won’t need to waste so much time managing the whole operations manually.

Hence, the Fougito POS solution is a win-win situation for restaurants to combine their streamlined operations while being environmentally responsible in the F&B industry. Here’s to a greener future!

Customer-Centric Solutions with Fougito

The major part of Fougito business solutions for the F&B industry is focused on customer experiences. The entire process from order placing to payment and delivery is all tailored accordingly.

Mobile ordering and online reservations make it easy for customers to place their reservations right from their smartphones. They can also access digital menus and promotions that are being offered at the restaurants. This also ensures that they have access to the latest offerings and price information right from the Fougito platform.

When their orders are placed, they are processed quickly and accurately, reducing wait times for them. They can also receive real-time updates on how much longer until their orders are ready. Customers like being kept in the loop about the entire process of their food being prepared.

Finally, we also offer integrated payment processing for customers to pay through various methods, such as credit cards, mobile wallets, or contactless payments (QR code) on the Fougito platform.

By highlighting these perks customers get to enjoy with Fougito, we can showcase restaurants how these solutions benefit them as well.

Driving Change in the F&B Industry

As you can already tell from the features mentioned above, Fougito business solutions have the potential to drive positive change across the F&B sector in the UAE.

Using Fougito's sustainable POS technology, F&B businesses in the UAE can significantly reduce their environmental footprint. Our eco-friendly POS solution ensures minimised paper usage by providing digitised menus, receipts, and order management processes. You could even say that this shift towards paperless Fougito operations totally aligns with the UAE's commitment to sustainability.

Moreover, with energy efficiency in mind, Fougito's POS systems are designed to consume minimal power while delivering maximum performance! And F&B industries should be open to embracing such energy-efficient technologies. This will positively contribute towards efforts to mitigate climate change and promote a greener economy.

By showcasing the benefits of sustainable practices, we encourage other F&B businesses in the UAE to follow suit with our Fougito business solutions. We are open to collaborating and knowledge sharing, to catalyse a shift towards more sustainable practices across the entire industry, leading to a healthier and more resilient food ecosystem in the UAE!

In short, Fougito's sustainable POS solutions have the potential to drive positive change across the F&B sector in the UAE. We aim to inspire the whole industry into being environmentally responsible and adopt an enhanced reputation in the UAE. They can not only reduce their negative environmental impact but also create value for their customers, stakeholders, and society as a whole!

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