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Unlocking Restaurant Dreams:
Fougito Business Solutions

Unlocking Restaurant Dreams: Fougito, your gateway to success

Whether you dream of a seamless Supplier Shop, a customer-friendly Food App, or a game-changing Mobile POS system, at Fougito we transform the impossible into reality, making it the ultimate haven for your restaurant business.

Fougito Mobile POS

Fougito Food App

Fougito Marketplace

Fougito Deliver App 

Fougito Squad App

Online Ordering

Fougito Mobile POS

The first efficient mobile POS built for Restaurants

Introducing Fougito POS, a revolutionary mobile-based POS system designed for restaurants who want to improve their operational efficiency. With Fougito POS, you can now say goodbye to traditional bulky hardware and take advantage of a streamlined solution for paperless billing across restaurants of all sizes.

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Mobile Pos System

Fougito Food App

Redefining delivery. 0% commission, real prices, fresh choices!

Our innovative food app seamlessly connects restaurants with customers, ensuring no commission burdens for the owners. Not just that but Fougtio Food offers dine-in, Pickup and Delivery option as well. Welcome increased profits, and join a platform committed to fair, fresh, and affordable dining experiences with the Fougito Food app.

Fougito Marketplace

Streamlining your orders for success with supplier shop

Fougito Marketplace is your tool for faster and smarter operations, digitalizing order processing and getting rid of chaotic foodstuff management. Our solution not only simplifies your life but also promotes sustainability by leveraging technology, optimizing supply chain management, and offering genuine support. Join us in innovating the way restaurants connect with suppliers, providing a centric platform for both parties and effortlessly streamline processes.

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online ordering website

Online Ordering Website

Take control of your restaurant's online orders

At Fougito, we encourage businesses to take matters into their own hands. Within just 48 hours, we provide you with your dedicated ordering website, complete with your domain and a seamless payment link setup. Say goodbye to third-party fees and start receiving orders directly, boosting your profits and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Everything you need to run your restaurant and save cost

Skip the hassle! From website to POS, Fougito Solutions has it all. Your one-stop shop for a seamless restaurant setup experience.


Fougito Deliver App

Are you a restaurant struggling with its rider fleet management?

Fret not! We bring to you the Fougito Deliver app, an effortless solution to ease out your day-to-day delivery operations. Effortlessly manage your deliveries and riders with ease, leaving you with no hassle. Simplify and elevate your delivery experience today.


No riders? No problem. Fougito Squad has you covered

Struggling with delivery management for your restaurant in the UAE? Say goodbye to the hassle of managing your own fleet of riders. Introducing Fougito Squad– a stress-free, subscription-based service tailored app based solution built to cater to your delivery needs. Let our dedicated Fougito riders take care of your orders, allowing you to focus solely on preparing and fulfilling orders while we handle the rest.