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How Fougito's technology transforms customer engagement in the FnB industry

19 Jan 2024


Fougito is the up-and-coming service provider, based in the UAE, focused on ensuring that customers of the food and beverage (F&B) industry have a good experience. It’s not only about serving them a delicious meal, it’s also about providing them an experience of ease and convenience.

In today's digital tool, every customer owns a smartphone and Fougito presents a technology that helps them utilise it when it comes to ordering from their favourite eateries or restaurants.

Understand that as the F&B industry evolves, the customers’ preferences are also going to change. And businesses need to keep up with that. This is where Fougito F&B technology comes to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

An overview

Your customers are always online. This means that they are involved in non-stop conversation all over the web. And the only way businesses can stay on top is if they actually listen.

How is that possible when you are running a business? Technology. More specifically, the technology that is being provided to you by Fougito. It includes application programs that are involved in customers’ day-to-day as well as their accessibility to smart devices.

Using the Fougito technology, you can communicate with your customers by providing them with a meaningful experience at your F&B joints.

Leverage Fougito’s technology for customer engagement

If you want to engage your customers, your F&B business needs to understand their thought processes - what they want, what they are looking for, what they don’t like, etc.

The digital revolution has made customers impatient and demanding, and what’s more, they are socially connected all the time. Whether they check their smartphones to find the nearest restaurant or check an online menu for restaurant information, they rely on technology to guide them.

To catch their attention, your F&B industry needs to leverage Fougito’s technology to create an interactive experience for your customers. Below, we have listed some of the ways your F&B industry can fulfil your customers’ preferences through Fougito solutions:

Food app

Having a mobile app is the primary advantage an F&B can have for enhancing the overall customer experience.

Using Fougito, your customers can browse the restaurant menu, place their orders online, make payments, and share feedback about their experience all in just one user-friendly platform. Customers can also monitor while the whole delivery takes place from the restaurant to their destination.

In turn, this streamlines the whole dining process, making it enjoyable and efficient for your customers.

Table QR

When your customers opt for dining in at your F&B joint, they will come across a table QR. This basically includes all the processes involved in online ordering, with the exception of scanning the QR code to initiate it.

There’s no need for your servers; the customer has complete freedom to decide exactly what they want to order, how much they want to order, and when they would like to order. This also reduces queuing time as well as any human error on your part.

Fougito table QR service will ensure that customers visiting your F&B establishment experience a smooth ordering and payment process.

Kitchen display system

Another technology that Fougito has implemented in their system is the Kitchen display system (KDS). This customer-centric technology can help your F&B stand out from the competition.

When customers place their orders, whether through QR or with the help of a server, this information is immediately shared with the KDS, which is shared with the kitchen staff to work on right away.

The KDS uses predetermined cooking tims to prepare specific orders of multiple dishes. This automated system helps to keep your kitchen staff alert about their work. It also saves time and keeps your customers’ food fresh and ready.

QR payment

The QR payment method is risk-free and it eliminates all possibilities of any threat or error. Your customers prefer convenience and security when making payments, which is why the QR payment method is the answer.

The Fougito technology offers seamless experience for both business and their customers. Your customers will be ensured that all their payments can be carried out through QR payments. All they need to do is tap in their phones or scan the QR to make the payment.

Wrapping up

Your customers are more invested in digital devices in their hands, and it’s up to you to utilise this technology. Fortunately, Fougito has solutions for your F&B to keep your customers engaged - as already discussed above.

The technology is ever-evolving, and so is Fougito, which provides your F&B establishment an advantage of always having advanced upgrades and features for smooth operation and consistent customer engagement.

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