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Fougito Mobile POS: Revolutionizing Restaurant Management

Discover the power of Fougito Mobile POS, a unique and comprehensive system designed to boost your restaurant's efficiency and sales. Experience real-time operations management at your fingertips. Unlock your restaurant's full potential.

Fougito Mobile POS
The all-you-need Mobile POS

At Fougito, we prioritize simplicity and efficiency in our solutions. Our restaurant-centric POS system enables restaurant owners to take control of their businesses, reducing reliance on numerous vendors and paying hefty commissions for each service.

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Table Ordering

Effortless dining with Fougito Table QR

Revolutionize your restaurant's operations and enhance customer satisfaction with Table Ordering QR, a seamless feature provided with Fougito POS System for restaurants.

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Supplier Shop

Streamline your orders for success with our supplier shop

Fougito online ordering website is a game-changing addition to our suite of restaurant solutions alongside our mobile POS, aimed at enhancing your online presence and optimizing customer ordering experiences.

  • Seamlessly streamlined ordering process
  • Customizable interface tailored to your preferences
  • A dedicated domain provided for your website
  • Direct ordering capabilities for your customers

Promo Menu

Manage excess food efficiently with promo menu

Discover a seamless solution for excess food after peak hours with Fougito's promo menu feature. Easily set up discounts on your dedicated website, minimize waste, and optimize inventory manage.

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Fougito web & app dashview 

Introducing Fougito dashview, an innovative feature within our Mobile POS system designed to revolutionize how managers and owners oversee their restaurant operations in:

  • Access dozens of insightful reports
  • Make informed day-to-day decisions
  • Forecast future trends
  • Tailor strategies accordingly
  • Manage online website seamlessly
  • Monitor inventory levels
  • Explore numerous other functionalities


Fougito inventory management

Effortlessly handle your inventory needs with the state-of-the-art Fougito POS, a cutting-edge solution tailored for restaurant operations. Seamlessly manage stock transfers, calculate recipe.

  • Effortlessly request and transfer stocks with just a single click
  • Harness the power of comprehensive inventory reporting
  • Tackle waste management effectively with the intuitive tools provided
  • Streamline purchase orders with direct supplier communication via Fougito Restaurant POS
Fougito inventory

Recipe Costing Module

Recipe costing module 

Our recipe costing module offers a comprehensive and seamless solution to accurately calculate dish costs. This tool empowers restaurant owners to make informed decisions.

  • Inventory optimization
  • Monitor ingredient prices and quantities to minimize waste and maintain optimal inventory levels.

  • Cloud reporting
  • Generate detailed reports to track trends and identify areas for improvement, accessible remotely through cloud integration.

  • Price strategy
  • Set menu prices based on accurate cost calculations to ensure profitability and competitiveness.

Fougito Recipe costing

Feedback Solution

Fougito survey & feedback solution

Easily create customized surveys tailored to your restaurant's needs, whether it's for gathering customer feedback, evaluating service quality, or enhancing overall satisfaction.

  • Choose from a variety of survey formats including drop-down menus, multiple-choice questions, and emoji-based feedback forms to capture diverse customer insights
  • Create surveys as per your preferences and requirements, allowing you to address specific aspects of your restaurant's operations using our POS system for restaurants
  • Receive detailed reports and updates on survey responses, enabling you to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to enhance your restaurant's performance with our Fougito Mobile POS for restaurants
Fougito survey

Expense Module

Fougito expense module

Maximize control over your restaurant's finances with the Fougito Expense Module especially tailored for owners and managers to track expenses like labor, daily costs, and more.

  • Make informed decisions about your restaurant with expense reports
  • Efficiently manage and simplify your business expense tracking to enhance transparency
  • Optimize costs for your restaurant by Identifying cost-saving opportunities with real-time expense tracking
Fougito expense

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