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Fougito’s Contribution
to the green earth

As a business currently operating in the UAE, we are making an effort to leave as little impact as we can on the environment with our solutions like the Fougito super app and going paperless with our sustainable POS system.

Why sustainability matters

Due to the urgent nature of climate change, Fougito is passionately working towards reducing its carbon footprints and encouraging others to do the same. At Fougito, we recognise how traditional practices like excessive paper usage are incredibly harmful to the environment. This is why, keeping the sustainable nature of business in mind, Fougito is offering innovative and eco-friendly solutions.

Bringing sustainable solutions and digital revolution

We are committed to bring a digital revolution through a smart mobile POS for restaurants, online ordering website, streamlined automotive operations and real estate buy and sell solutions. By getting rid of big hardwares, and trying to rely on paperless operations, we are trying to make a difference and challenge how traditional businesses operate.

Such actions may seem small, but their impact is huge.

sustainable solutions
Fougito eco-friendly

Swiping to Fougito’s
eco-friendly transactions

Instead of relying on paper for receipts and invoices, Fougito’s POS and app-based solutions offer digital payment processes that are entirely sustainable in nature. Digital transactions via QR code and digital receipts via soft POS technology support a greener future.

Sustainability is at the heart

of everything we do at Fougito

Online ordering

Online ordering

Paperless billing

Paperless billing

Cloud-based system

Cloud-based system

Soft POS technology

Soft POS technology

Paving a way to climate change

At Fougito, we believe in the power of small actions to make a big difference. Our pledge to sustainability aims to shed light on the critical issue of climate change and how, as a brand, we are committed to playing our part in creating a sustainable future.

sustainable future
Fougito’s dedication

Our commitment

Fougito’s dedication towards a paperless approach can be derived from the POS and app-based solutions in all its services. Taking advantage of these digital tools from Fougito will help your business to eliminate any traditional processes that have a negative effect on the environment. Sustainability isn’t just an option for Fougito; it’s an inherent part of our services!

We are dedicated to making earth a greener

Explore our eco-friendly initiatives and contribute to a better future.