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Enhancing customer experience in restaurants with Fougito’s innovative solutions

19 Jan 2024


Fougito is currently being used by 17 F&B outlets in the UAE. Fougito’s innovative solutions have been a game changer for these restaurants, with some of its features including processing their payments and managing their inventory.

Moreover, Fougito can also be considered a digital self-help tool for both restaurants and customers alike. For instance, you can download the Fougito app and get started with showcasing your food business right away. Or users who are interested in ordering online can also sign up and place their orders as soon as their profile is ready.

Does it seem like something you need for your restaurant? There’s more; in this article, we have listed some of the best restaurant innovations you can enjoy with Fougito.

Features included in Fougito’s innovative solutions

Here we will explore all the features included in Fougito’s innovative solutions that are highly useful for any restaurant:

Showcase menu/specials

One of the features that is included in Fougito innovative solutions is the ability to let restaurants showcase their menus, specials, along with their prices and descriptions, through the Fougito app. That’s how your customers can view what your restaurant is currently ordering and make their informed decisions.

Enable online ordering

You may be confident that your restaurant dine-in service is doing pretty well, but to expose your business to a wide range of customers, you need to enable the online ordering strategy.

This is where Fougito can help you. Using the Fougito platform, your customers can browse the menu of your restaurants, place their orders, and even make reservations directly from their smartphones. This is extremely convenient for customers who don’t prefer making a trip outside their homes.

Get table reservations

Using Fougito, your customers can reserve their seats at your restaurant in advance. No longer do they need to make a phone call or visit in person to make a reservation. This can make it easier for you to manage the seating capacity in your restaurant more efficiently.

At their table, your customers can also place their orders and make payments accordingly using the table QR. Their orders are automatically sent to the kitchen as soon as the customers are done.

Speed up food serving

One of the factors that customer satisfaction depends on is longer waiting times and the food being served; the longer they are made to wait, the longer it takes to serve them their order, the more dissatisfied with your service they are.

Fougito presents a solution for this: a kitchen display system (KDS). As soon as the server receives an order, he enters the details into the system which is then sent to the display screen in the kitchen where the order is prepared timely.

Receive feedback and reviews

This gives your customers the chance to provide some feedback, ratings, or reviews directly through Fougito. Restaurants can use this information to improve their offerings based on what their customers like

Integrating the digital system through mobile makes it easier for your customers to share feedback about their experiences at your restaurant.

Encourage digital payments

Along with starting a tab and placing their orders (online or otherwise), your customers can also use QR provided by Fougito for digital payments. Having the option to do all three just from the QR, this leaves plenty of time for your staff to deliver a high-quality dining experience for your customers.

Your customers can also choose to make credit/debit card payments as well. The trick here is to let them have options on how they want to make payments.

Manage inventory

Another feature that is offered by Fougito’s innovative solutions is that you can easily manage and track the restaurant inventory.

A cloud-based system tracks your menu items by counting all the ingredients, or as a whole. If you are running low on supplies. Fougito not only helps you monitor the inventory, it also helps you to communicate when you need to restock your missing ingredients.

Gain valuable insights

Finally, Fougito’s innovative solutions can provide you valuable insights to help you learn more about your customers’ preferences. That way you can tailor their interactions with your restaurant according to their needs, and as a result, enhance customer satisfaction.

For instance, such insight can help you to make informed decisions about the changes in the menu. If your particular dish is popular on Friday nights and ordered by a large number of customers, you can ensure that this dish and its ingredients are always available on Friday nights.

Fougito ensures that you customise your restaurant operations to bring about better experiences at your restaurant for customers.

Bottom line:

Considering the features that are included in Fougito’s innovative solutions, F&B merchants can take the next step and grow their businesses. You need a well-designed innovative solution that offers multiple options for your business; from enhancing customer experience, building their loyalty, and also gaining insights on how you can improve their experiences. And that is what Fougito brings to the table.

All in all, Fougito’s innovative solutions help your business to stay competitive and reliable.

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