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The complete shop solution for your growing automobile industry in UAE

Are you a customer looking for high-quality spare parts for your car? Do you need a car repair service? We are a centric automobile platform for all your needs.

Fougito Auto

Driving Tech-Powered Innovation in the Automobile Sector

Fougito Auto is a unique automotive workshop solution tailored to meet the needs of both large and small garages in the UAE. It's a first-of-its-kind offering, ensuring comprehensive support for every workshop, regardless of size


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We are revolutionizing the automobile industry in the UAE. Where we provide advanced technology features like raising invoices, purchasing parts & selling parts via Fougito Auto mobile application.

Revolutionize spare part search with Fougito Auto App!

Are you an auto workshop owner tired of the endless search for spare parts? Fougito Auto is here to change that. Now you can simply request the spare part you need, and let our dedicated Fougito Riders handle the delivery fulfillment. Experience seamless spare parts procurement like never before.

Create top-notch listings and find the best vehicles for sale. We’re here to support your business with verified listings, transparent pricing, and expert advice.

Streamline Your Vehicle Listings

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Streamlined Operations

Fougito Auto simplifies daily tasks, like scheduling appointments and managing job cards, streamlining operations for UAE auto workshops.

Enhanced Customer Service
Fougito automobile
Streamlined Operations

Enhanced Customer Service

Fougito Auto's user-friendly interface and customer management tools enhance service quality in UAE auto workshops, fostering long-term client relationships.

Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

The cloud-based app offers real-time insights and faster decision-making, improving efficiency in the UAE auto workshops and boosting output.

Cost Reduction

With Fougito Auto you can now optimize workflows, reducing expenses for auto workshops in the UAE, thus enhancing profitability and operations.

Cost Reduction

Improved Customer Experience with Fougito Auto

Discover the Power of Digital Vehicle Inspections: Enhance Transparency, Build Trust, and Elevate Customer Experience. Gain a Competitive Edge with our Unique Solution.