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Privacy Policy

Fougito or its affiliates, also known as "Fougito", "Company", "We", "Our", and "Us" in the following text, are committed to respecting your privacy and keeping it protected by complying to its privacy policies. We have outlined the kind of data that Fougito may or may not collect from you whenever you visit the Fougito website using the Fougito application as well as other services. By using Fougito, you are consenting to the practices that have been described in this privacy policy document.

  • The privacy policy outlines all our procedures of collecting, safeguarding, maintaining, and disclosing any information provided by you.
  • The policy is only applicable to information that is collected by Fougito through its services including emails, texts, and other messages related to its services.
  • However, the policy is not applicable to any information that you give to or you have received from any third-party services, such as automobiles, restaurants, etc. that you access as a part of Fougito’s services. We at Fougito recommend that you connect directly to these third-party companies regarding their privacy policy.

Please read this policy to understand Fougito's policies and procedures regarding your information. Bear in mind that when you access Fougito’s services by signing up, you are agreeing to Fougito’s privacy policies, hereby consenting to the collection, use, disclosure, retention, and security of your personal data. If you do not agree to Fougito’s privacy policies, Fougito may not be able to provide its services to you.

This policy will be updated from time to time and your continued use of Fougito will be considered as an acceptance to any changes Fougito services go through, so be sure to check regularly.

Who is the data controller?

By definition, a data controller is an entity that is responsible for the collection, use, disclosure and security information of your personal data. In this case, Fougito retains control of transferring your personal information among any participating entities, in accordance with its privacy policies.

Fougito can process and store your personal information on its servers located in the UAE or on the servers of any third party that are on contractual relationships with Fougito.

How Do we collect data?

The information is collected:

  • from you directly, when you share with us,
  • from when you browse our services and it is collected automatically such as IP addresses, usage details, etc.

What Information Do We Collect?

Fougito (or “company, “we”, “our”, and “us”) collects a variety of information from users of our services such as;

Your Account Details

This includes your full name, gender, email address, password, postal code, mobile number, and your web address.

Fougito also gets access to your information via third-party sign-in services such as Facebook or Google. In such a case, we only collect and store information that is provided through these sign-in options.

Your Settings/Preferences

Any settings or preferences you may have chosen such as language or time zone, etc. will also be stored.

Any information that you provide through our services such as reviews, photos, comments, followers, followings, your current and previous reservations, your preferred items/services, contact details you share with third-party services using Fougito, details in your profile, and any other information that you share through our services.

Your Searches

We will also save any search term you use to look up, results that you select, the length of time you take to utilise our services, the features you use, and the ads you click on.

Your Communication

We also have access to any communication between the user and third-party merchants using our services, such as taking part in surveys, polls, sweepstakes, promotional schemes, or any request for special features (i.e. newsletter, updates) or his/her communication with us.

Your Transactions

Any time you make a reservation or purchase using Fougito, we keep and save information about you to fulfil your requests as well as to automatically fill out forms for future transactions such as your mobile number, address, email address, billing information, and credit/debit card details.

The information that we collect can also be shared with third-party providers (TPPs) to help in processing and completing your requests. When you share your payment card details, this information is encrypted by TTP using industry-standard technology.

If you post any reviews about businesses, we may also

Information Collected Through Automatic Data Collection Technologies

We may automatically collect certain information about your devices/computers you use to connect to our services, even if you access the services without signing up or logging in.

About Your Device/Computer

We may collect information about your device/computer (operating system, type of device, unique identification number, mobile network details, mobile phone number), the internet connection (types of connection, speed, IP address), and browser information (type of browser, last URL you visited prior to visiting our site).

For the mobile application user, we can collect information about the online and offline status of your app.

Mobile Device IDs

Each mobile device has a unique mobile device identifier. If you are using Fougito services on your mobile device, our servers use the mobile device ID to identify you, instead of using cookies. We may do this to save your preferences and monitor your activity in our apps.

Unlike cookies, mobile devices IDs cannot be deleted. They can be used by advertising companies to track your use of the apps to evaluate the effectiveness of ads and display ads that are more relevant to you.

Device Storage

We may also be able to access metadata and other data that is associated with the other devices stored in your devices, such as photographs, audio/video files, and personal contact information.

Location Information

Our applications collect real time information regarding the whereabouts of your devices in accordance with the permission granted to us by you.

When you access our services that are enabled for location, we collect and process information regarding your mobile phone’s GPS position and the time, to tailor certain services of Fougito based on your needs, such as notifying you of restaurants within your area or informing you of any promotions applicable to your location.

Certain services of Fougito may require you to provide personal data including your location in order to enable features. If you want to use these special features, you will be asked for consent to the use of your personal data to fulfil such a request.

If you don’t agree, you can revoke this consent by disabling any GPS or other functions for tracking location from your mobile phone.

Activities in our Services

This includes your search terms, comments or domain names, results you select, the number of clicks, the pages you have visited, the order at which you have visited these pages, the time you spend on these pages, the time and date of your visit, error log, and other similar data.


When you use the Fougito application, we may collect information regarding the absence and presence of information related to other apps installed in your mobile phone. The apps we collect information about may belong to, but not limited to, food, shopping, fashion, and travel categories. This helps to understand your needs and preferences better, so that we can tailor Fougito to your needs.

Cookies and Other Electronic Tools

We, along with the third-party providers may employ cookies such as web beacons (pixel tags, trackers), flash cookies, and similar files to gather and store information regarding your usage of the services.

Cookies are tiny files stored in your computer or mobile devices that allow us to identify you whenever you visit our website or platform. Cookies save information such as your settings and preferences to improve user experience by providing content and ads tailored to your needs. These cookies may be permanent or saved only for the duration of a single session.

Most of the web browsers automatically accept cookies, though it may be possible to block certain cookies (not possible to disable all) from us or third-party providers. However, it may hinder certain features of our services. Flash cookies cannot be blocked or removed from any browser setting. When you access our services using our browsers, you agree to the use of cookies by us as described.

Pixel tags are small images with a unique identifier that are embedded invisibly in any webpage. They are used to monitor activities on the web page such as clicks, or impressions. Fougito uses pixel tags to evaluate the popularity of its web pages, features, and services. We also use tracker pixels within email communication to check status of messages and other data analysis.

Third-party providers whose products/services are advertised through our services, including social media sites, can also utilise cookies or similar tools. We recommend checking their privacy policies to find out more regarding how they use cookies.

Information From Third-Party Providers

We may also collect information regarding your user ID that is associated with any social media accounts such as Facebook or Google, which you used to sign in to our services. When you sign in or register to our services through these third-party providers, you are agreeing to storage, collection and use of your personal information that is allowed to be used through these third-party services.

We recommend that you consult the guidelines of these third-party providers to find any additional information on how they share your data when you sign-in or register your account to our services.

Anonymous/De-Identified Data

We anonymise and/or remove any information that is identifiable and collected through our services or third-party websites. The use and disclosure of de-identified data is not limited under this privacy policy and could be used and disclosed to third-party providers without any restriction.

What Do We Do With the Information Collected?

We make use of the information collected from you for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To answer and process users’ queries,
  • To know about users/customers (which of our services they use, how they use these services, and what features they enjoy) and then enhance the features/content of our services to suit their preferences, process and complete their transactions, and offer special promotions,
  • To assist us in administering our services and identifying any technical issues,
  • To send communication to users through email (courier or registered), calls or other forms of communication,
  • To ask questions from users who have signed up with Fougito,
  • To show advertisements to users that they might find interesting,
  • To inform users of any modifications in our services,
  • To allow users to use interactive features available with our services
  • To review and create data/reports based on customer base and patterns of service use,
  • To offer a set of guidelines to users regarding their account,
  • To perform any obligations we have taken on and to protect our rights based on the contract between us and the users, including the ones for billing and collection,

We may also communicate with you regarding our third-party products/services that may be relevant to you. If you don’t agree, you can select appropriate boxes on the form where we collect your information. You can even modify your preferences in your profile on our website.

We collect information from you in order to provide the intended audiences to advertisers or other service providers. Although your personal information isn’t shared with them without your prior consent, if you click on or engage with any ad, then the advertisers may conclude that as your agreement to information being shared with them.

How We Share Your Information?

Any personal information we obtain from you are released by the following methods;

  • for general information disclosures,
  • to our affiliates,
  • to our contractors, advertisers/suppliers and other third-party providers we rely on to provide our services. These providers are required by contract to protect your personal information and use it only for the purpose that we provide to them,
  • to any buyer or successor, in case of a merger, divestiture, restructuring, dissolution or any other sale/transfer of any or all of Fougito’s property in the event of a going concern or in context of liquidation, bankruptcy, or similar proceedings,
  • to third-party providers/vendors to promote our products/services, if you have agreed to receive these updates via SMS, emails, or calls
  • to serve the purpose for which you have provided,
  • to implement or enforce the terms of usage and other agreement, such as billing or collection,
  • to service other purposes as specified by us.

Using push notifications on your devices, we provide voice recognition to respond to your spoken requests/inquiries, we evaluate the usage of our services, and collect/process payments.

Some of our certain products, services, or databases are hosted by third-party hosting services. We also rely on third-party vendors for different projects, such as conducting surveys, arranging sweepstakes, and other similar activities. For these purposes, we may share your information so they can perform the tasks accordingly.

For Legal Reasons

In order to comply with legal requirements, when it is reasonable to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding any unlawful activities, we may share your personal information.

We may also share your personal information to investigate and address any potential threats or dangers to the physical safety of anyone, to examine and rectify any violations of our privacy policy as well as the terms of our service, and to examine and resolve any violation to the right of third-party users.

If we believe the disclosure is necessary for safeguarding the property, rights, or security of Fougito, customers, employees, or other employees,

Your information may be shared with law enforcement agencies, court officials, government agencies or organisations in response to legal requirements such as subpoena, or court orders to comply with the law.

Social Networks

If you engage with any social media functions on our services, such as the Facebook like button, or use social media credentials to login or publish posts, such features could collect information regarding how you use our services. We could also publish this information about your actions using social media services.

Information Shared by Our Services

The following is applicable to all our services;

When you make a reservation at a restaurant or a transaction for online food ordering, your data will be shared with us as well as the restaurant with whom you have made the reservations. We send your personal information to restaurants in the similar manner to when you book a reservation or place a purchase through the restaurant.

When you share your mobile number with the restaurants or Fougito, you will receive texts regarding the reservations you made, or the status of your order delivery. Some restaurants will request credit/debit information in order to confirm your reservation. If you make a reservation or place an online food order using our services, we may also provide additional information about you to the restaurant, such as your dining preferences, your order history, as well as any information received from third-party vendors.

Payment Information

For using certain features of our services, we may need your debit/credit card information. When you provide your debit/credit card information through our services, you are agreeing to share your personal information to restaurants and other third-party processors of payments as well as these providers (including but not limited to fraud-detection services).

You are also agreeing to the condition that when you use your debit/credit card to reserve a table on our website, we send your debit/credit card information to our payment services providers as well as the restaurant (these third-party providers may keep your debit/credit card information to make it easier for you ro access our payment options through our services in future.

Analytics ad Targeted Advertising

We use third-party analytics like Google Analytics to better understand how you use our services. These third-party services use the “automatic-collected information” technology, as already discussed above.

Your personal information that is collected through this technology is shared with these third-party providers to analyse your use of our services.

If you want such third-party providers like Google Analytics to stop collecting and processing your personal information, then you can download Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser add-on.

Tailored Advertising

When you access our services through an application or website, you receive personalised in-app advertisements. Third-party providers whose services are advertised through our services can also make use of the cookies and similar technology to gather more information about your usage of our services.

We report on ad views, interaction with these ads, and other ad-related services that are linked to the use of our website. We also permit these third-party providers to display personalised ads to you through our services. They can also access cookies or other similar technology on your computer and mobile devices through which you access our services.

However, we do not have access to, nor does our privacy policy regulate the use of tracking cookies or other technologies used by third-party providers.

Users have the option to opt out of targeted ads. To do so, you can check Network Advertising Initiative’s COnsumer Opt-Out Link and/or Digital Advertising Alliance's Consumer Opt-Out link to opt out of receiving any targeted advertisement. For Google Analytics, you can go to Google Ads settings page and manage accordingly. Each operating system such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone has their own set of instructions on how to block the customised in-app ads.

Bear in mind that when you opt out, the ads will not be targeted according to your preferences. We are not accountable for any decision you make regarding the opting out methods.

What Are Your Choices Regarding How We Use/Share Your Personal Data

We aim to provide our customers with choices regarding the personal information that they share with us. They can configure their mobile phone or browsers to block all or just portions of browsing cookies.

If you choose to disable or reject cookies, keep in mind that certain features of our services will not be accessible to you. We will not give your personal information to any advertising company.


When you sign up for Fougito services, you agree to the terms of receiving email from other Fougito users or companies.

You can manage your own preferences for email. You have the option to unsubscribe to these emails, however, that is not limited to receiving certain administrative, service or other policies from Fougito.

Modifying or Deleting Data

If you want to modify or delete any personal information that we have collected about you, you can do so by tapping on the Contact Us link at the bottom of each page.

If you remove any User Submissions from our website, the copies you may have made of User Contents will remain accessible on cached or archived pages. They can also be copied or saved by other visitors on our sites.

Accessing and Changing Your Personal Information

Fougito uses reasonable measures to ensure that your personal information is accurately recorded.

You can review information about you, to update and correct them, if needed. You can even make a request to remove certain information that is incomplete, inaccurate or insignificant for legitimate uses, including

  • that your right to access, modify or erase your personal information depends on the laws in your country of residence,
  • that you are receiving requests that are abusive or unreasonable in nature,
  • that the rights and safety of another person is violated or threatened,
  • that any information requested is relevant to an ongoing legal process between you and us, or if providing access to you could jeopardise our negotiations, or hinder any investigation into possible illegal activity.

Your right to review, modify or erase personal information is subject to our retention policies for record and any applicable law.

How Do We Secure Your Data?

Keeping in mind the sensitive nature of the personal information we collect, process and store, we have put in appropriate electronic, physical and administrative methods to keep your personal information safe from any unauthorised access.

We adhere to the generally accepted standards of industry to safeguard any personal information in our possession. Third-party providers that we use as payment gateways are certified as conforming to the standard for payment card processing (generally known as PCI certified service suppliers).

We are not liable and do not assume liability for the disclosure of your personal information due to errors in transmission or unauthorised access by third parties or other causes outside our control.

The user is a keyplayer in making sure that his/her personal information is secure. You are advised not to give out your password, username or any other information about you that is associated with your Fougito login.

Permissible Age for Using Our Services

Our services are not designed for individuals under the age of 18, unless otherwise permitted by the local law (i.e. permissible age).

We do not collect any personal data from users below the age of 18. We also do not offer or request any information to or from them. Any person who is found to be under the age of consent, we remove their account and access to Fougito. If you suspect that we have information regarding underage users, you can contact us via email.

Links to Third- Party Service Providers

Our services may contain hyperlinks to third-party service providers or other websites.

Such features may gather, process, or share data regarding you. Keep in mind that the services that we offer are not accountable for the privacy practices of any other website. We do not endorse any representations regarding third-party websites and services. Our privacy policy guidelines do not apply to the personal information obtained by these third-party service providers.

Data Retention/Termination of Account

If you wish to terminate your account, you can do so from the settings of your profile at our website. We will remove your personal information from our databases in the future so that it is not tied to your identity.

This will delete the public content you post, however, we may keep your personal information to fulfil the purposes outlined in this privacy policy guideline, unless legally prohibited. We may also keep your information to investigate, prevent or determine if there is any wrongdoing regarding the usage of our services to fulfil lawful requirements.

Modification to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify any information in this privacy policy guideline to reflect changes in the law or how we function with the advancement of technology. If we make any significant modifications, we will publish them here. Be sure to read the changes thoroughly.

Also, be sure to frequently check this page for any updates. All information that we collect is subject to this privacy policy guideline effective from when this information is utilised.

The continued use of Fougito services following the announcement of the changes made to this privacy policy signifies your acceptance and consent to these changes.

Contact Us

For any queries relating to processing/usage of your personal information or Fougito’s privacy policy, you can email us at support@fougito.com.

You can also write us at the following address:

Fougito Portal CO.

Office No. 606, City Avenue, Port Saeed, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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