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How Fougito Automobile is Changing the UAE's Automobile Service Industry

11 Mar 2024


Finding the right garage for your car can be a challenge, especially when you live in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other high-profile cities in the UAE. There are way too many options to navigate through and that can make your search confusing. This is where Fougito Automobiles comes into the picture; it offers a platform through which you can easily have access to the nearest car service and compare prices. And this is just the beginning of how Fougito Autos is changing the automobile service industry in the UAE.

Fougito Autos: Shaping UAE’s Automobile Service Industry

The up-and-coming online automobile marketplace i.e. Fougito Autos is seamlessly connecting thousands of drivers and car owners in the UAE with their nearest car repair services.

The main purpose of the Fougito Autos platform is to simplify the entire process of the automobile service industry. The entire process is based on transparency, affordability, and quality services for all drivers that arrive at the doorsteps of local garages in the UAE.

You are always looking for a convenient way to connect with the local car businesses to get a service for your car. At the same time, automobile service providers are also looking for a safe way to be discovered by you so that they can deliver quality service to your car.

We recognise the need for a smarter and convenient approach, which is why we have included the following features in our Fougito Automobiles platform to help you connect with the workshops in the UAE:

Fougito Autos Mobile Application

In the Fougito Automobiles mobile app, you can navigate through a whole list of local workshops, compare their prices, and then reach out to the one that can provide services to your car.

If you are looking for any spare parts for your cars, you can put in a request in the Fougito app and have a dealer reach out to you when the required part is found in the market. That saves you from making the effort of physically going from one shop to another, wasting hours, just to find the missing parts.

Hence, we have introduced the Fougito Automobiles mobile application that makes it convenient for you to navigate and connect with the right dealer.

Digital Job Card Process

Through the digital job card process feature in the Fougito Automobiles app, you can receive real-time updates on the progress of the car service. You can check repair status, whether parts are available or not, and even the labour costs. This allows you to build trust with the car service providers.

Instead of constantly calling the mechanic for an update, or constantly making a trip to the auto workshop, you can now check for information online through the mobile app. You receive real-time notifications about any changes in the service of your car.

Overall digital job card process can make things run smoother and help you to speed up the service of your car.


This is an electronic version of an invoice. It helps you to manage the payment documents from the car service providers.

For example, when you take your car for repairs, instead of receiving a paper invoice, you will receive an e-voice from the Fougito app on your smartphone. That allows for easy storage and retrieval, reducing clutter and paperwork. Plus, there is transparency, meaning no hidden fees.

What’s even better is that you can quickly have access to your previous e-voices that you carried out in the past.

Payment link

After receiving the e-voice, you can then click on the payment link that is included in the electronic invoice in the Fougito App. That allows for a secure payment gateway between you and the car service providers to complete the transactions quickly and smoothly.

Getting payment links also gives you the flexibility of choosing your preferred payment method - credit/debit card, online banking, or mobile wallet.

Finally, the payment link also ensures a transparent record of all transactions that have been carried out through the Fougito app, including time/date, amount, and the purpose of payment.

Dashboard For Cars

Finally, the Fougito Automobiles platform also serves as a dashboard for car owners where they can use features such as car listing upload and analytics.

Using the ability to upload car listings, you can showcase your car for rent or sale, including its detailed descriptions and images. Let Fougito help you reach out to a wider audience digitally so that you can quickly find an interested buyer or renter.

Plus, you can also have access to advanced analytics tools that provide you insights into the various aspects of your car’s performance, its usage patterns, and the market trends. By analysing all data, you can make an informed decision on how to maintain the service of your car.

Wrapping Up

As you can already tell from the above-mentioned points, our Fougito Automobiles platform is designed to empower car owners such as yourself with various tools and information to manage your car efficiently.

Our Fougito Automobiles is revolutionising the automobile service industry by connecting car owners across all emirates in the UAE with their local car service providers!

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